Sparky's Writings For The Slightly Deranged

"Point to the shortest direction around the universe.
It doesn't matter where you point, it's the shortest...
and you're pointing back at yourself."
- Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

Welcome to my little (for now) page o' writings. There are now a plethora of writings here for your entertainment. A couple are even by moi! (ugh! i do not speak french. i can barely butcher spanish decently...) Sparky's Brain is a separate section, not really part of Writings; it's a bunch of rants by me on topics that interest me. Don't worry, it links easily back here. Any new pieces are denoted by a red asterisk. Read on...

Pieces o' Writing by Sparky & Co:

Famous People's Writing:

If that doesn't sate your literary appetite, you could try:

In the Works:

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