Okay folks, they're finally here! My own comics, drawn by me, scanned by me,and lovingly shrunk and touched up with Photoshop by me. There are only two here for now, but hopefully I'll be adding another one some time in January (or February...), so check back here in a few weeks!
These comics originally appeared in our Gay-Straight Alliance pamphlet.

2 gay girls, saying 'we don't mind straight people... as long 
as they act gay!'
Both of these comics were in the Gay-Straight Alliance pamphlet created by Ali Hochreiter and myself (and, of course, thanks to Mr. Ayers, who was nice enough to let us do whatever we wanted with it!). Ali drew me a picture which I'll put on its own little page soon, and which will hopefully be joined by others soon after... This cartoon is also a little bit pointed; I like it because it kills two birds with one stone: the "are gays crazy?" bird and the "gays in the military" bird. Speaking of killing, if anyone out there has any gay jokes and/or ideas for comics, please send them to me! (okay, i have no idea where that segue came from, so don't ask.) Or if you're the artistic type, you can send me your pictures (either send via email or email me and ask for my address). Not the artistic type? You can submit writing of any type for my page o' writings.

Hey, sorry I haven't gotten any more comics up yet. I use my brother's scanner, and it's not connected to his computer for some reason. So until i pester him into braving the cluster of wires sprouting from his computer, no more comics for you! I'm going to try to get some pictures up as well as the comics... Hopefully! So visit back every once in a while.

mom: son, you're gay? are you seeing a psychiatrist?  son: 
no mom! i'm seeing a lieutenant in the navy!

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