by Bekah Harkins

it seems, i don't really seem to fit in anywhere.
so, i simply say "whatever."
things do not phase me. i'm cool as cucumbers and as hot as the cat's pajamas.
its true.
and when people ask what kind of person i am,
i just say "whatever."
i'm not a solid being.
instead i'm constantly changing - like the sea.
so, i find it difficult to answer the inevitable,"how are things going?"
so, i just say "whatever."

so, i suppose that makes the kind of person i am a

i go with the flow, but i'm not afraid to make my own waves
or carve my own intials by themselves in tree-trunks
or blaze my own trail.
i am who i am.
i own myself and no one else.
no one else owns me.
i'm MYself. i'm just a

This poem was written by Bekah Harkins, a good buddy of mine. She's a very cool person. You can email her at harkinsr@juno.com.

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