Whatís Wrong with the Radio Today?

by Eric Hunter
written 09/09/98

        Has anybody listened to some of radio stations playing popular music lately? If you have, may I ask WHY? Radio stations of late have three major problems: 1: they play more commercials than music, 2: the deejays talk too much, 3: they play music for wussy girls. I know Iím going to get a lot of flak for that last one, so Iíd better get it out of the way quick: it is my opinion that the quality of current popular music blows big hairy chunks. For one thing, the gender ratio among bands has flip-flopped so that now there are far more female lead singers than there are male ones. Forgive me for being a guy, but a bunch of girls whining about their love lives just doesnít do it for me. Their irritating crooning fails to evoke any emotional response from me. What really gets me, though, is the guy bands. They all sing like girls too! They have somehow managed to erase all traces of masculinity in their voices and even in the songs themselves. (Some of them even look like girls, though I will not go so far as to actually name the blond trio that achieved popularity off of a song called "Mm-Bop.") Whatever happened to the good old days of hard rock and alternative, when you couldnít understand what the singer was saying, and when you did, the lyrics made no sense? Man do I miss that. The overall quality of singing and lyricism may not have been that high, but the music was there. You could feel the anger and frustration inherent in the sounds, which were much darker and meaningful that those of today. You couldnít be sure what the meaning of the song was, but you knew there was one.

        The second major problem with the radio has to do with commercialism. Sure, this is America, you canít escape it, but as far as the radio is concerned itís far worse than it used to be. There are some radio stations when fully half the time you turn them on, theyíre playing commercials instead of music. And if theyíre playing music, youíve probably got until the end of that song or the next before they throw more commercials at you. Between this and the lack of good music to be found, there is already plenty of reason to shy away from the radio, but one thing remains...

        ...The idiot deejays. Why on earth do they think for one minute that we care anything about who they are or what they have to say? I mean, if they were even vaguely interesting I could live with them, but they insist on wasting our time by exposing their views of the world, which I find intensely boring. Listen man, nobody wants to hear you talk, so just play the damn CDís, okay? Thatís what you get paid to do. Nobodyís interested in your love life (or lack thereof).

        So, those are my feelings on modern radio. I may not be quite up to date, seeing as how I never intentionally listen to it anymore, but I still get enough spillover from other peopleís boom boxes and retail stores that I feel qualified to write on the subject. And man, did that feel good.

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