a faery story

by Ana

Author's note:
This story makes me smile. It's one of the two stories I ever actually finished. - Ana

Once a long time ago there was a grand palace, unlike any other of the day. Most castles were dark and dank, cold and wet. Then again most castles didn't belong to faeries. It was beautiful and clean. It was guarded by dragons, and sorcerers attended court. The lord of Castle HollingWind was Balmor Ganlory. A great ebony colored man with a generous smile and large paws of hands. He ruled his county with the same warmth that filled the kind man's laughter. He kept his court happy and his people happier. His kingdom was missing one thing. One thing all happy castles and Faery stories need... a queen. Not that no woman in the county wanted to marry him, (For he was very popular with the lady folk...) but there was a silly law on the books where you couldn't marry the king unless you were nobility . Since there was a war on in Thabnia and Cathbarc, the two closest neighboring kingdoms, there was a shortage of royal blood free to bother with matrimony. So a great proclamation was made that the foolish law was abolished. Mistake number one.

Within hours throngs of women folk swarmed to the castle, begging to see the king and have their chance with him. Over whelmed the poor ruler temporarily reinstated the " No Commoner" rule to sort through the propositions he had had... uh proposed to him. This took awhile, but with the help of his adviser Murray, and his favorite page, Kay spent five hours reading the propositions. Till they narrowed them down to twelve young women.

Well! that was just about the hardest decision he had to make! From five hundred women down to twelve! Now Balmor thought that would be the easiest thing he head to do, but it just got worse! He had invited the twelve women to stay at his home while he narrowed the choices down to four. Mistake number two.

Twelve women in one castle primpin' and preenin', squabling who was best for the King. Why the racket began to get so loud and overwhelming that Balmor dispatched his guards to look after the women folk, an keep them in line.Mistake number three.

Well! The guards, so bored from not being in battle (Balmor was a notorious pacifist) That they started to flirt with the maidens! The maidens all were very impressed with their acts of muscle flexing and since they were just maidens decided that they wouldn't really make good queens, but better wives. The all got married with Balmor's blessing and charming wedding gifts.

His page Kay came to see how the king was. Kay and Balmor had been friends since childhood, but the crown left no room for childish things. So Kay applied to become a page. He had worked along side Balmor his entire adult life. They started to talk and the topic came to Balmor's marital status, or lack there of. Balmor laughed and jokingly proposed to Kay. Kay accepted. Balmor was surprised and asked him if he was serious. He was. So Murray checked the books and found that there was no law or proclamation against what they wanted to do. They made preparations and had a grand wedding festival. Everyone was very happy especially Balmor and Kay. So the castle and faery story didn't need a Queen after all!

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