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If you liked my page - or thought it sucked - fill out my comment form and let me know! Iíll be indebted to you forever. Well, maybe not. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you helped me improve my webpage so that when the next person visits (or when you come back) it may be a more fun place.

Random Questions About My Site:


How did you find my page? (creativity counts here, kids!)

Sparky, I think this page is:
Excellent, you Awesome Chick, you!
Keep Working, Bubba.
Crappy. Toss it off the Web.

My favorite activity is:
Doodling, especially when there's something else i should be doing.
Playing Quake
Burning Things
Acting Like a Monkey
None of the above! Iím normal!
All of the above! Preferably at the same time!

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