Loss of a Friend
by Susie Truong

Unification from macaroni and cheese
the warmth permeating your skin.
Together as friends,
Innocent of the little lie
until it was too late.

Heated arguments
Anger, hate towards him
The pain felt and caused.
Ignoring her,
who only moments ago was your best friend.
See her turn into a green-eyed monster.
The fighting, the screaming.
An unknown audience
Silently looking on with fear in their eyes.

The separation of love.


Susie is one of my pals - and one of the three girls in my comp sci class, I might add - who I'm slowly converting into a dark geek. (give up - join the dark side - install linux!) Anyway, she's one of the most interesting and intelligent people I know. You can email her at Her Life Shattered. More of Susie's poems appear on Katie's writings page.


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