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"Some people wear their heart upon their sleeve.
I wear mine under my right pant leg,
strapped to my boot." ~Ani Difranco

Welcome to the Brain. This is the place where I spout my opinions about anything that pops into my head. Keep in mind that these are thoughts I've jotted down on the spur of the moment and they don't represent my entire opinion. If you want to comment on any of them, feel free.

I will add new Rants periodically; if you like what you see, check back for more. As new rants are added, the old ones are stacked (that is, oldest at the bottom, most current at the top). And so, without further ado, i present...

Current Brain-Food:

Generation Gap?

it's not as much of a barrier as you might think.

Past Ravings:

Kindness of Strangers

just when you think the world is a dark and dangerous place,
along comes something to make you change your mind.

Powerball Madness

all's fair in love, war, and lottery

War is Hell

My biggest fear? That people have so much power over my life.
And that they're so willing to stupidly abuse it.

Truth or Consequences

on Viagra and America’s disturbing insistence on believing that science has rendered us invincible.

Musings of a Typist

funny what you can learn about people by sitting and watching.
(this isn't really a rant, just some stuff i jotted down)

Truman Show vs. Reality

best movie of the summer? gimme a break.

Dress for Success

It's what you do that's important, right?

Public Schooling

it amazes me what people call an "education".


Why do people pick on those less fortunate than themselves?

Dirty Old Men

When old guys check me out it gives me the creeps.

Mob Mentality

Why do people seem to lose all independent brain function when in groups?

Love: don't believe everything you're told

how the media skews our image of love
(warning! don't read unless you already know the ending of Titanic)

My Take on the Spice Girl Philosophy of Life

what i dislike about those spicy popsters
(this is not a "caroline hates the spice girls" thing, mind you)

Why I'm Afraid of Love

why i'm afraid to say "i love you" and of love in general


squeakings on organized religion and stupid people

Love Yourself part 2

Heard the phrase "you can't love anyone 'till you can love yourself"? Me too. Here's my official rant.


Sparky's quasi-intellectual snarlings about respect between parents and children.

Gender Shmender

my little shpiel on Girl Toys vs. Boy Toys

Girl What!?

a rant on Girl Power, that faddish beast. Not about the Spice Girls!

Like Your Body

a letter I posted to tripod's "Body Talk" conference on... well, body image.

Capitalism Sucks

my mutterings about what I think of The System.

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