This Gives Me the Creeps

It weirds me out when older guys stare at me. I'm not talking a little older here; I mean guys who could be my dad. It's funny, because while I don't think I'm ugly, I surely am not drop-dead gorgeous. Usually I don't care if people check me out - it's pretty flattering, actually. I guess that, having been born a girl and all, it comes with the territory. But when old guys watch me, it just makes me squirm, and not in a good way.

Yesterday at church - well, after church during "coffee hour" - the dad of one of the other choir girls started talking to me. And he just kept looking at me, y'know, not like natural conversational eye-contact but staring, kinda. I'm the kind of person who automatically gives people the benefit of the doubt and ends up playing devil's advocate, but I couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling that came over me. He did nothing wrong, exactly; it just weirded me out.

Why is it that guys, no matter how old they are, are allowed to ogle women and seem to fantasize about teenage girls, but women aren't - at least not openly? It's seen as a shocking outrage when a mature woman sleeps with a teenage boy, but so many adult men date, marry, or just plain fuck teenage girls (or women much younger than they) that it's not even surprising anymore. Hardly even distasteful. And guys are viewed as attractive, even as they grow older, but women are seen as old bags by the time they hit middle age. But I'll dig into that topic another time.

Skeevy old men, watch out. Some day all the girls you've been ogling will tell you exactly what they think of you. We can't keep keeping it to ourselves. Pick on someone your own age for a change.

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Written 02/08/98