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bookworms unite! Hi all you bookworms out there. I empathize with all of you, because I've been surfing the web looking at booklists lately. Actually, they've led me to a lot of really interesting pages. Here's mine; I meant to make this a rather short and un-imposing booklist, but it turned into a monster. I had already compiled a list of my favorite books and short descriptions, but that looked pretty scary when i put it on a webpage so i decided to break it down into sections. Please don't limit yourself to one section! Here goes nothin':

The Book Menu:

The Complete Booklist
This doesn't have every single book that's listed on all my book pages, but it's most of my original list. Look here for books of all genres.
Don't brush off this section, even if you're not a sci-fi/fantasy fan! This section includes my favorite book ever!
Books you've always heard of but maybe never read. See if any sound interesting.
Shakespeare/Brit Lit
Okay, i'm a Bard fan. I think he's clever... even brilliant. Check here for him and other stuff from British Literature.
You've seen the movie... now read the book
These books have been made into movies, but the book is always better (okay, with a Very Few exceptions). Read this list to find out about the books behind the movies.
New! This page has been revamped and added to. Little summaries are in the works!

Not all of these lists are as complete as I'd like yet... I'm working on it! In fact, I've been spending way too much time on the internet and not enough on other things, like, oh, homework, and getting outside, and seeing other human beings...

For the true bookworm/net junkie: Order online! It's cheap and easy, and my dad swears by it!, the online bookstore.

My Book of the Month is The Hotel New Hampshire, by John Irving. The story of a family with five kids in (where else?) New Hampshire, told from the point of view of the third child, John. It's a (sort of) serious account of the family's evolution, and all of the strange but somehow believable things that happen to them. Irving has a knack for writing about the most horrible events with a wry sense of humor which at the same time doesn't detract from the seriousness of the situation. He writes of hotel life, dancing bears, family loyalties, tragedy, death, love of all kinds, and other family quirks. He makes you love the Berry family, but more than that, he makes you understand them, even with all their quirks. This one is definitely a keeper.

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