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Okay, you have to understand that this page will always be mainly a Shakespeare page. Although i like other early British authors, Shakespeare is far and away my favorite, because I find his work hilarious and moving both to read and to watch. I love the way he plays with words and language. I know I'm a bit of an oddity among high school students, but if I'm going to be a nerd, at least I admit it!

Sparky's Brit Lit Faves:

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare
This was the first WS play I was involved in the production of; Steve Shippee and I ran the light board for our ninth grade production. Granted, most of the actors were stoned and knocking over the sets, but that play was amazing. It's about fairies and humans and lovers and all manner of crazy happenings.
The Tempest by Shakespeare
This tiny play is one of my favorites; it's about a girl and her dad, a wizardy guy, who are trapped on an island. one night there is a storm and a shipwreck on their island, and for the first time the girl comes in contact with the outside world. There are some hilarious scenes involving Caliban, their ugly, deformed slave creature.
Macbeth by Shakespeare
This play is famous, and justifiably. It's the story of a man's plot to grab power, egged on by his wife, and what happens to him.
King Lear by Shakespeare
This play is about a king (Lear) who is blind to the reality of the world around him, and by the time he realizes what's really going on, he's homeless and half crazy wandering around the fields.
The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer
This is a collection of "tales" told by travelers on a pilgrimmage. The stories range from romantic to bawdy to feminist to drunken revelries. Many tales are funny; most are worth reading. I haven't read them all, but my advice is to SKIP the Knight's Tale, at least at first, because it's a bit long and slow, at least for my taste.

That's all for now (it's college app time for me!), but more will be added soon!

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