don't fight the man if the man gives you lots of money.

So... I got this swanky new job (temporary, unfortunately) as a sort of typist for a Market Researcher. It pays... well, let us just say it pays very well. Anyway, I had no internet access, and since I was working twelve and thirteen hours a day, I wasn't exactly feeling peppy and revved up to write something for the webpage. To fulfill my need to do something while I wasn't sitting around typing - and sometimes while I was - I started writing down the random thoughts that crawled into my brain.

Um... watch out. This may not be very interesting, but here goes.

Wednesday, 07/29/98

Cool! They've got a male receptionist here. ;)
"He's pretty... but can he type?"

Erard (my boss) has a calculator watch.

People tend to think the same way. It'd be nice to meet someone truly original in thought. Shit, it'd be nice to be original in thought.

High paying jobs come with swanky extras - good food, nice treatment. Gives me something to aim for, eh?

Those mirrors where people can see you from the other side - two way? - are freaky. I like to know who's watching me.
I bet I'd hate being stalked, too...

All people tend to make certain connections, associations - I wonder, then, why it's so hard to program even simple AI?

Thursday 07/30/98

"I have a tendency
to wear my mind on my sleeve,
I have a history
of taking off my shirt."
- Barenaked Ladies
"One Week"


Old men are strangely cute, but not sexually attractive. Many middle- aged men are seen as sexually attractive. Why is that not true with women?

Read a most disturbing comic last night, called "Kill Your Boyfriend". All about sex & violence & breaking away from dull, everyday life.
is that what it takes to break away?

Does everyone have the Beast within? (don't ask where that one came from... i can't remember.)

This woman in the bathroom was making all there weird grunting noises, like she was enjoying taking a shit a lot or something. Then she'd go, "Excuse me!" It was amusing, in a rather disgusting, don't-think-about- it-too-hard kinda way.

I swear, there are more idiots in the world every day. I used to think society had some sort of natural selection process, and that no one who was that stupid could become, say, a doctor, or a lawyer. and yet, those are the people we're interviewing, and some of them are so dumb it makes me want to scream. Or laugh like a maniac, one. To think, these are the people I'm trusting with my life. Yeesh.

Mirrors fascinate me. I keep looking at my reflection in the two-way mirror, almost unconsciously, and then I think, to the people on the other side it probably looks like i'm looking at them.

Why do old men get bald, but their other facial hair goes crazy? They get super-long eyebrow, ear, and nose hairs. Maybe it migrates.

Friday 07/31/98

(i started marking times on this one)

12:12pm Being a "secretary" gives me a new perspective on life & other people. It's funny what people assume about you after seeing you behind a computer, typing.
I wonder if they think I got hired 'cos I'm a young, impressionable, sexually attractive girl.
"She's pretty... but can she type?" (heh heh)
6:30pm Man, 6:30?! Time flies when you're stuck in an office building.
7:07pm Cracked open my first Pepsi of the week. Took a sip. Can feel myself developing a taste for dark, heavily caffeinated sodas already.
(let's have a woah sarcasm, right now.)

Still think Coke tastes like a butt, tho.

8:20 Changed my mind. Dark cola makes my mouth taste like dirt.

Saturday 08/01/98

11:08am I'd love to watch a person alone in a room through a 2-way mirror... but I'd be creeped out to think I was being watched like that. Well, I guess it depends on my mood.
11:16am I have to pee like a racehorse.
Shit. This sucks.
Shouldn't've drunk all that coffee & tea, but hey, I needed the caffeine. SOMEONE woke me up at 7:30 this morning. ;)
11:31am This black dress makes me look like I have long legs.
I like it.
11:48am mmm, blueberry pastry.
11:59am It bugs me to think companies have to cater to the lowest common element of society.
...But i guess the alternative is an Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" scenario, which scares me even more.
12:16pm Ugh, pastry.
1:00pm Y'know, I could get used to this. The thirteen hour days don't bother me so much, and the free food is a definite plus. At my other job (can we say brainless grunt work?), it costs me almost an hour's worth of my money to buy myself lunch. And we're not talking about a lavish lunch here - this is a soup, chips, and a drink. If i skimp and get a little carton of milk, I can even afford a sandwich. (gasp!)

No wonder I don't mind the thirteen hour days. Sheesh. Writing that made me feel like a slave.

So that's it. I'll try to think some more, uh, interesting thoughts next time.
Actually, I had more interesting thoughts, but they were all of a sexual nature and I was afraid Erard or one of the clients would end up reading them. So, until I think of some, you'll just have to deal with the boring-ass thoughts i managed to write down between typing ("D. liked creative #3 better because it was more concise and easier to read.") and eating as much of the free meals as I could fit into my little body.

Of course, tomorrow it's back to the old job... nose to the grindstone, but at least i'll have an internet connection. if you can call it that.
slow piece of shit. hmph.


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