"I am 32 flavors and then some..." - ani difranco

Okay, well, since you're here, I guess you want to learn about me, huh? Well, here's a little info for those of you who don't know me. (those of you who do might want to read this anyway - you might learn something.) Anyway, I've tried to make it not too boring since I know a lot of people's personal homepages are like reading a grocery list (here's a list... here's another list... oh, and one more list...). Well, here's my noble attempt:

[don't worry, this picture doesn't look much like 
me anyway...] (this picture of me was drawn two years ago by Mie Yoshinaga. Thanks Mie! i don't really look like this anymore since I cut my hair, and i don't have a pet rat. the rat in the picture is a rubber rat named Satan (for his red eyes) who is my friend.)

Here's a little pertinent info about me:
I'm 17 (born 11/30/80); I'm a girl; and no, my real name is not Sparky, it's Caroline. Certain people do call me Sparky, including (obviously) myself. I'm a first year at Smith College, which is an awesome place to be. I keep myself sane by drawing (well, doodling) all the time, reading books, and learning about any random, um, stuff i happen to be interested in. Such as, at the moment, HTML. go figure.

Here are a few things i like: (this list is short because i know stuff like this is insanely boring to other people)
Short hair (especially on myself), thick-soled boots, Computer Science (all reet! go dark geeks!), reading in general, dogs, cats, animals in general, making up words, comics!, kumquats, drawing pretty (or sometimes not-pretty, depending on my mood) pictures, and, um, a bunch of other stuff that i'm not going to bother writing here.

Here are a few things I don't like: (this one's short too)
Homphopbic people, lying (as in, when people lie to me or when i'm forced to lie to other people), people who pretend to be something they're not (like that they're my friends, for example), people who make fun of religion (question all you want, but don't knock people for their choices), school, and people who judge other people by appearances (more than is absoultely necessary).

For more of my opinions, there's Sparky's Brain, which contains a bunch of rants written by me. A new one whenever I feel like it. You can also see my writing on the Writings Page.

There will not be a photo of me on this page anytime soon, not because I don't like the way I look (I do!), but because I don't think it's particularly pertinent to this webpage. So what is the point, you ask? It's to provide a creative outlet for me and anyone else who needs one. (and to provide a fun diversion from homework...) The point of having a "me" page at all is just to let you know something about the creator of this page, for those of you who care. The deal is, you don't judge me by my appearance and I'll return you the favor. I know that only really applies if you email me or fill out my comment form, or if you give me the url to your page (if you do so I promise I'll visit it, sign your guestbook if you've got one, and maybe put a link to your page on my links page. So, if you're brave, read on.

Freshly Updated!
My Grrl Code! (if you don't know what this is, see the Grrl Code Page)
BL*@ PA!! SF~ TP*** F*(!!) B/F!!(*) A! V** B** G!!(!) O*(!) N* K**>!! H*(!) DS~@ TF!(*) R! C*
My Geek Code! (for the info on this one, see the Geek Code Page)
GCS/GL d--@ H--- s-:+ g-(+++) p? !au a? w+@ v+(-) C++ U/L P-- L+>+++ 3- E N+ K- W M-(--) !V -po+@ Y+ t+ !5 !j R G tv-- b+++ D+ B-- e+>+++ u** h(!) f+(++) r n+ !f+

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