what the heck? all of a sudden, random men want me.

What is up lately? I haven't noticed any particular change in myself, but suddenly all these guys are hitting on me. I get the usual looks when I drive around or walk down the street - heck, i'm used to that by now. But there are some guys who just take it a wee bit too far.

Case One: Katie and I were in NYC, walking down St. Mark's Place toward our subway entrance so we could go to A Different Light. We stopped to look at some buttons, and this Spanish-looking guy (quite a few years older than we) selling rings at the next table starts talking to Katie. Okay. So eventually he says, "Is that your friend?" And she's like, "Yeah." So he calls us over, asks my name, and sticks out his hand for me to shake, so I do. Stupid. Of course, once he's got my hand, he won't let go. We're standing there reaching across his table o' rings, him grabbing my wrist and asking my phone number, me grinning like a fool, getting embarrassed, and trying to pull my hand away. No way in hell was I telling this guy my phone number. Finally, Katie (thank you Katie!) says, "We really have to go," so he turns my arm loose and i take off. That was a weird one.

Case Two: Tonight, Katie and I went to the Diner basically to kill time until she had to catch her train. So who do we run into but Amanda Mayone, whose little brother is friends with my little brother and practically lives at our house. The kid calls me Sis, for crying out loud. Anyway, she and the guy she'd been eating with came over to talk to us. After a bit they sat down, Amanda next to me and her friend next to Katie. After another bit, we realized we were having diagonal conversations, so Amanda and Paul (her friend) switched. Turns out this guy Paul and I both think Tori Amos is a goddess (he actually met her!), and we have a lot in common (I seem to have a lot in common with everyone...), so he started joking around with me, acting all weird and hugging my arm and telling me how cool and pretty I was. I was like, hmm, okay, I can live with this. I was in a flatter-me-to-death mood, so I didn't complain. I gave him my phone number, told him I wasn't looking for a boyfriend since I was leaving for college in a few weeks, said no to having a meal with him tomorrow, and told him to call me after I got back. We'll see if he does. (Boys! Sheesh!) So when Katie and I went to leave, he gave me a hug and tole me I was beautiful. Ooooooookay. I can live with that too. ;)

It's flattering to be hit on - very flattering. Even if you're not attracted to the person hitting on you. This guy Paul's not bad looking - although he has a minor "ugly complex" that borders on fishing for compliments - and he's really funny and a little crazy, which appeals to me. But he's a smoker, not only of cigarettes but also of pot, which doesn't exactly make me want to stick my tongue in his mouth. And I'm really not looking for a boyf/girlfriend right now... otherwise I might be more tempted. But hey, a girl has to have some standards.

So that's that. Hope I get hit on this much by the Smith chyx. And Katie, hon, don't feel left out, because I think you're beautiful. And who needs guys anyway? Okay? Good girl. ;)


It's now the "tomorrow" I was talking about above, and what with the events of tonight, I thought I should add a little addendum to what I wrote yesterday. Not only did Paul call my house today, but he called me three times: once while I was out with dan, once when my family was walking out the door to go to dinner, and once when we'd gotten home. The third time we actually got to talk, and we ended up talking for a really long time. I was packing and he was at work, so our conversation was a little weird. But interesting. Jeez, this guy really likes me. He lent me this story he wrote for the whole week, since I'm going on vacation and I won't be able to return it until I get back. So, cool. I've told him several times that I'm not looking to start anything, but the guy just doesn't give up. But other than that, he's cool.

He's got nothing on Dan, though.


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