Introspections. Morpheus, the Dream King, is the official mascot of this page.

Greetings. This is your flight attendant. Fasten your seatbelts, put your seats and trays in the upright and locked position, and grip your armrests as tightly as possible. In the case of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Try not to claw your neighbors' eyes out scrambling for them; we should all know how to share by now.

Oh, and thanks for flying Air Caroline.

Here's what's been on my mind:

01/14/98: the original. explains - as well as possible - why I'm depressed in the first place.
01/17/98: how my family is not helping me out and some self-history crap.
01/19/98: about cutting myself and why i can't talk about my depression.
01/19/98: ramblings on the word love and its many meanings.
01/20/98: a completely random piece about how men are similar to dogs.
01/25/98: ramblings on the beatitudes, the purpose of religion, and why i think people are religious.
01/29/98: why falling in love should not be called "falling"; love is yummy; being dumped.
02/13/98: why crushes are so cool; more of my perspectives on this love business.
02/14/98: stuff about my childhood that no one should know.
03/02/98: awake in bed after reading Annie On My Mind.
04/02/98: coming out to my best friend.
05/15/98: the Bible in regards to homosexuality... and to me.
08/03/98: friendships, summer, and winds of change.
08/08/98: trying to fathom why guys have started hitting on me left and right.
09/01/98: fear & excitement in the days before college.
09/16/98: College! Adjustment/assimilation, more aboot getting hit on.

D'oh, no more thoughts for you. The rest stay up in my head. If you wanna know about them, you gotta get off your ass and ask me. (Or, alternatively, stay on your ass and email me.)

Ta. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my head. Actually, I don't give a rat's ass whether you enjoyed it or not. But I thought I'd make the effort to be nice. And here I go, screwing it up. ;)

btw, i've sort of started a journal, but you won't be able to read it. sorry. just thought i'd rub it in your face.

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