The Jogger

A man is out for a jog along the beach when he hears someone crying. He sees that it's a woman with no arms or legs lying in the sand.
"What's wrong?" he asks.
"I've never been hugged," the woman replies. So the jogger gives her a hug, lays her back down in the sand, and keeps running.
The next day, the man jogs along the same path, and hears the woman crying again.
"Now what's wrong?" he asks.
"I've never been kissed," the woman answers. So the man picks her up, kisses her, and continues with his jog.
The next morning, the man hears the woman crying again.
"What's wrong today?" he asks.
"Well, I've never been fucked," the woman sobs. Hearing this, the jogger picks the woman up and throws her into the ocean.
"Now you're fucked," he said, and continued jogging.


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