10/07/98, 9pm

Today was weird. The day after mountain day is, i suppose. Dragged myself to classes and Learned, but not very enjoyably. Not Happy about my schedule for tonight/tomorrow. Here it is:
  • After dinner: Finished my comp sci homework. Submitted it. Keeping fingers crossed that it works.
  • Then until now: Procrastinated. Believe me, I needed it.
  • Now: Write Religion essay.
  • After that: Math take-home test.
  • After that: Sleep, if there's still time.
  • 8:00am: Calculus. In-class test. (this on top of the take home, yes)
  • 9:00am: Religion. Hand in paper. Hope it's not too crappy.
  • 10:30am: English. Take the midterm I missed on Tuesday for Mountain Day.
  • 12:00pm: Run home. Eat lunch. Finish my math take-home if it's not already done. Hand this in.
  • 3:00pm: Go to CSLab. Learn to write a webpage. (this is the joke for the evening. go ahead and laugh.)

After all that, I'm either going to fall into bed and sleep like a zombie, or ingest some caffeine in as pure a form as I can find and go to my Smith Life & Learning dinner symposium and then the LBTA dance (if it's still happening; that's another story). Hope for the latter; hope I don't need too much caffeine.

This afternoon I was dissuaded from buying No-Doz not only by Katie, but also by the woman behind the counter in the convenience store. They told me it would burn a hole in my stomach. I told them at this point, I don't care. Their superior logic won out: I scrapped the No-Doz idea in favor of the caffeinated beverage idea: Katie said she'd share some of her supply of parentally provided Mountain Dew if I reimbursed her a dollar or so. It's only fair; she practically lives on the stuff. So no No-Doz for me. Poor baby. But my stomach lining will thank me for it.

Now: the LBTA dance. The LBTA is in some serious shit with its finances, since last year the club somehow managed to accrue $2,000 of debt. Whoops. So this year, after poor Katie had volunteered to be treasurer, we discover that since last year's treasurers ran up so much debt, our assets are frozen for an unknown-to-me period of time. What this boils down to is that if we want to get anything done, such as making flyers to post or planning a dance, we have to front the money ourselves and hope we get paid back later. So the party tomorrow night... Right now we're not sure if it's happening. I hope so, but i don't know where that money is coming from.

How come money is such a universal problem? It drives me crazy. Like RAH said in SiaSL, money is the biggest joke in the world. If everyone stopped believing that those little colored papers were worth something, the global economy would be torn apart. But since we all attribute such value to the things, we have to keep up the joke. It's especially important now that so many people have jobs of intangible importance - stockbrokers and speechwriters and theorists and the like. If we reverted to a barter system, what would the have to offer in trade? And we've grown so used to job security, retirement benefits, and letting our money accrue in bonds or IRAs or by playing the stock market (which is another universal joke) that such a society is a near impossibility. It's interesting to think about.

Well, enough for now. I have to get back to work - I still have to write my Religion paper and finish my math test. Cheerio. ;)

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