mountain day!

Today was a bit crazy; it turned out to be Mountain Day, which was a pretty yippity skippity thing. It meant I didn't have my English midterm, which was a most pleasing thing, but it also didn't feel much like a gift, as I'd expected it to. It didn't feel like much of anything, really, which is a bit sad. But I enjoyed it as best I could. Started rereading Microserfs this morning; that book makes me wish my journal looked something like Danielu's. Makes me feel a little inadequate, but then again, I'm not an insomniac, so most of my entries are written while I'm half asleep and half pondering the events of the day.

Things with Dan are going well. He seems happy, which is good. This makes me happy. Happiness is. Despite all my stress, I'm an extraordinarily happy person. It's like I have this bubbling fountain of optimism inside me or something, despite the fact that I'm often more cynical than I'd like (such as on all matters of religion). I think this draws people to me like flies to honey. That was my theory on Dave: the reason he fell in love with me (if it was that) was that he is the eternal cynic/pessimist and being with me let him shed all that. It was like a drug; he had to be with me to be happy. I got sick of his clinging all the time and started struggling to get rid of him. That was an ordeal I wouldn't soon like to repeat.

Hmm. That was a blast from the past, eh? Good old Dave. He and I have been exchanging emails, although not very interesting ones. I'm too tired and busy to keep up much of a regular correspondence with anyone. Oh well, I'll get rested up over fall break (this weekend! yippee!) and be my happy little rolly puppy self again.

Fall is now bursting out of the shell of summer in Noho, which is delightful to me. The crunch of the leaves, the ubiquitous red-brown color of everything, the nip of the air on my ears and knuckles as I bike: all this makes me happy in some deep place in my soul. I don't think I could live anywhere where the seasons don't change; there's a restless beast inside me that craves change, and somehow the change of seasons sates it for a while. Good thing, since I can't cut my hair any shorter than it is, and I'm not going to pierce anything as yet. ;)

Started learning to hack today, through the happy use of telnet. I can write email that looks like it's from other people's accounts, such as, for instance, oh, let's say Eric Hunter. hee hee. Or Jesus@heaven.org, or wherever I please, it seems. Haven't figured out getting it to show the "to" field yet, or changing the nicknames it shows. All in good time; waiting is.

Well, time to get back to work on my calc test now. More tomorrow.

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