Today was, to say the least, interesting. It was Katie's birthday, so her parents and brother came up to see her and take her out. She got to bring a friend or two, so she invited me. I ended up being the only friend who could come, so I got to wedge myself into the back seat between Katie and her brother Drew. We were having a blast in the back, laughing and listening to music, but her dad was evidently in quite a bad mood, and her mom wasn't doing much better. They kept yelling and nagging at Katie, and she kept pulling this bitchiness about it being her birthday and how everyone should cater to her because of it. Both sides of this fight seemed unnecessarily stupid, but I bit my tongue and said nothing. I was their guest, and I didn't want to entangle myself in their family problems. Besides which, Katie's family isn't the most normal and functional, either. The best part of the day was when we went to Tanglewood and ran around. It was beautiful - I'd never been there before, and the view and the property were just wonderful. Drew, Katie, and I spent a while wending our way through the bush paths and avoiding Katie's psycho-bitch mother, who kept following us trying to snap pictures. ugh. then she cornered Drew and told him to tell Katie that she was breaking her father's heart. I also got two free meals out of it, which isn't a bad deal. Smith food is wonderful, but it's nice to eat in a restaurant - even if it's just Friendly's - every so often. The whole incident made me appreciate my family greatly, especially my mother, who I firmly believe is the most wonderful mother in the world. I try to tell her so as often as possible. She deserves it.

Anyway, tonight. When I got home, I spent a while talking to my mom on the phone, which was wonderful, as always. We get along so well, it's amazing. We never went through that "I hate you" teenage period where children typically don't get along with their parents; she's always shown such good judgement and made such reasonable decisions that I never had any real reason to fight with her. After talking to her, however, Dan called. Talking to Dan is usually a high point of my day, and tonight was no exception until I mentioned that Lindsay might be coming home with me for Thanksgiving break. I had told her she could come quite a while ago, before Dan had a problem with her, and I'd forgotten about it. So I don't know whether this plan is still on or not, but I thought I should mention it to Dan, to be fair, since he was so looking forward to me being home and I didn't want it to come as a nasty surprise. As soon as I said it, he got silent, and then said, "I'll call you tomorrow, ok?". I was shocked: he didn't even want to talk to me anymore. I couldn't believe he was so immature and selfish that the mere mention of the fact that Lindsay might come home with me for Thanksgiving would make him shut me out. I was pretty fucking hurt. I've been gradually coming to the conclusion that my opinion of humanity in general is much too high, and this did nothing to help it. My best friend! He didn't even give me a chance to explain. I was not happy at all about this.

So that's kind of put me off for the night. I'm tired, which doesn't help, and listening to Katie's family fight all day and having to bite my tongue kinda wore me out. And I haven't exactly had the best sleep habits ever this weekend. I've got to crack down on myself about that.

But right now, I'm going to take a shower.

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